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NOTICE: Wireless Network Changes for Legacy UMDNJ Users

Due to both the Healthcare Restructuring Act and new security standards, wireless networks that service the legacy UMDNJ community have changed. Below you will find a description for each network within the environment.

The “UMD-WiFi-R” and "University" SSID's have been decommissioned and will no longer be broadcast.

For your reference, here are the wireless networks that are changing (more details can be found by clicking the relevant links):

"RUHealthSciences" for RBHS Employees (broadcast in all RBHS and UH locations)

"UHWireless for UH Employees (broadcast in all UH and RBHS locations)

UHGuest for UH patients and visitors (broadcast in UH)

RUWireless and RUWireless Secure are new (broadcast in all RBHS locations)

Wireless access for Guests

A web application is available that allows self-service for departmental representatives to add guest wireless users. The guest accounts are permitted to the RUWireless network, not RUHealthSciences.

The web application can be found at: RGAMS

If you need assistance connecting to the new network(s), please open a Heat ticket by sending an email to or by calling 732-743-3200.